About LaLa

My personal health journey started about 5 years ago.

I was the typical “healthy” individual who was exercising daily, eating “right” (or so I thought) and though this kept me in decent physical shape, there were other health issues that were not being resolved. I had been plagued by chronic sinus infections since a young age, dealt with anxiety/depression, problem skin, and lacked the energy I thought was guaranteed with physical exercise and eating a decent diet. I was doing everything conventional exercise and dietary wisdom told me to, yet wondered why I wasn’t in peak mental and physical health.

I first sought out a holistic health coach in 2013 to understand why I wasn’t reaping the benefits of my lifestyle. What I learned opened my mind and world, drastically changing my view of what true wellness is. I learned why certain foods were healthy or unhealthy, how they reacted in my body, and about balancing macronutrients properly to avoid food cravings, “hangriness”, and unexpected weight gain. I learned that what I ate affected not only my body, but also my mood, energy, focus and general outlook on life. This knowledge was putting me back in touch with my body, and granting me control and the awareness that I could drastically affect my mind and body by what I put in it and on it. I was so inspired by my own improvement and started researching alternative & holistic health every chance I got. Slowly, some health concerns started to return, new issues came up and I realized I needed more information to truly understand nutrition and how the body works. This lead me to the Canadian School of Natural Nutrition where I graduated with honours as a Registered Holistic Nutritionist in August 2015. I am also a Level 1 Restorative Wellness Practitioner, allowing me to offer functional testing that you can read about on my "Why Functional Testing?" page. I see clients one on one and the changes they see and gratitude they express are what motivate me to continue learning all I can about the fascinating world of health & wellness.